Tuesday, 8 February 2011

And again...

And another appearance in the Evening Telegraph today, with a piece on the Roman finds on the site. All very exciting and hopefully we'll get a closer look on Thursday as the archaeologist is bringing some with him to the ground breaking. Personally I think the shoes and coins are fab, but the experts are getting worked up about the stone lining on the well... Shows what I know!
by the way thats a shoe in the picture - a Roman size 36 I think...

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  1. Just finished reading 'back-blogs' all the way from May 2010; well done Neil, fascinating articles (blogs?) and an excellent way to keep an informal log of events.
    Well done for achieving the Gold Standard Status at BlooBirds.
    Did your Mum damage her ribs when you were showing her how to be a hooker in the office?