Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Residents enjoy a day at the Rugby

Milton Keynes Rugby Club opened its doors for its first formal event at its new clubhouse at the weekend, they invited PJ Care along as club sponsors and some of our resdients went down to watch a godo days rugby. Well on one pitch anyway (I was playing on the other...) Check the link and see if you can spot our Chair enjoying the atmosphere.. http://www.buckstv.co.uk/buckstv/sport/rugby/milton_keynes_rufc/moved_into_emerson_valley_at_last.html

Thursday, 7 April 2011


The beam and block is all down in section A of the building and the insulation is nearly complete too, the excelent weather is still helping and they expect to start pouring the concrete base for the floor tomorrow!

Our sign has finally gone up, so now everyone can see how to get hold of us, there is also a notice board giving information about the site and PJ Care and Castleoak, so if you're passing stop and have a look.

Monday, 4 April 2011


Lovely aren't they? Part of the environmentally friendly approach to our buildings is this pile of vegetable crates (not the guys in the Hi-Vis) these actually make up the attenuation tank that will hold the surface and rainwater for other uses, this tank will flow into a pond designed to encourage wildlife and will hopefully dramatically reduce the amount of water flowing into the public sewers.

The crates are an incredible design, that enables us to put the tank in with minimal future maintenance and zero contamination. They are wrapped in waterproof lining and will hold thousands of gallons invisibly.