Monday, 24 January 2011

And we're off

OK it might be a bit of a slow start, but like the old man on the bike, we're off. The Castleoak team are on site and work on the build has begun.
The surveyors are measuring the land levels that have all been messed up by the archaeologists, trying to work out what we've got to put back and what else we've got to take away.
The next couple of weeks see all the preparation work, making sure that the site is safe and clean, then the big yellow machines will start to roll in and the real work begins!
The official ground breaking will be on February 10th, hopefully we'll have all the brass there in shiny hard hats. Can I get Jan Flawn to sit on a JCB? Although with her busted ribs, she may be a little wary of climbing onto anything for a while!

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